​This is the one that comes out of Canada, ahving the 4 paddle system. They cost about  55k. So far no one has complained about lens problems as some others that aren't covered like theirs on the earlier generations werent covered. It is not made mostly out of ABS plastic like the cheaper models. Why can't most of these compaines use steal? Their lens has enough power to treat at the deeper levels that the cheaper ones don't seem to do. This is one of the ones that takes less time to get the same results as those cheaper ones. 

This is the model that seems to get the most press and the one that most people first enquire about. Unlike the first generation ones, this does have to be serviced about once a year to keep its high performance up and up, mainly due to the high output that the ones that have less power don't have to be hardly maintained at all.
​Some people dont liek this, especially if it has to be serviiced sooner in high traffic c/linics but it is the one that customers who are getting laser lipo seem to be always mentioning me by name. About 80% of the people that are about to get lipo laser treatment ask me what is my opinion on the Yolo brand. Peolpe go to trade shows or health expos and see them there and probably why so many people are looking at this one first.

S ofar, I have only heard positive feedback from customers who have used this. I urge people to seek this one as many people pay the same price for lipo laser treatment and use some cheap one and that is to me cheating the patient. Its kinda like a chiropractor charging the same price to use a 4000 dollar Class 3 400mw laser when the Class IV laser that costs 60 thousand down the street is the same price and the patient has to come back fewer times. This bugs the %#%# and it is not fair to patients who don't know the difference and then give the laser a bad rap because it was not the right one for them.

This is one of the top end lasers based on everything that people are tellign me and doctors that have them. Doctors are constantly calling me and complaining that their lasers are not doing the job and they are losing patients. Depending on the person being treated, different types do the job in different times. Remember, the lymph system on many people can only drain a certain many teaspoons of lymphatic waste (fat in this case) per minute.

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