I am browsing the emails I have gotten. Everyone seems to wonder what experiences other clinics have with different lasers. I am now calling every clinic that has lipo laser and finding out much different things than what some of the manufactures claim. This is my way of finding the right lasers that work and why they work.

comments from my feedback sections from my quizes....

Very cheaply made. How do I return this. I just lost 3 patients.

No display on this freakin lipo laser

some company use joules some use watts, it is hard to compare apple and orange

I have another client looking for a lipo laser that is not made in China.
If there are better quality lasers let us know!

The diode barely emits light. Is it possible that dirt got in there?

Piece of crap. I have more aggravation over changing gels and they get over everything. Costs me more time and would prefer one with no disposables.

two of the diodes burned out in the first month

I have the older type you mentioned, purchased in December of 2012. It is starting to not turn on (I think the back power supply area is breaking) I have good responce with this laser and if there is a better one out there I am interested in purchasing it.

I want at least a 640 nano. I've read that anything less is useless. I would like it to be as portable as possible. Some suggest lower wattage. Thoughts? I don't mind a used unit as long as the unit is not too used and has a good output

She's a giant. But it's 99% there. You might find some broken links on your site.

My clinic has had wonderful results with weekly laser treatments. But lately we are seeing diminishing returns

I am looking for 2 lasers. One @ 635 nM & one @ 660nM. One laser with my range of nM would be ideal. I am unsure what power I need but do need deep penetration. Any information to help me find the right laser for my clinic would be helpful.- Thank You, 

I am a chiropractor. I have had brief experience with the Vevazz recently. I am interested in specifically working with athletes. Do you have an recommendations with prices? At this point I am on a limited budget and would prefer something lower cost and then upgrade to a better, higher 

I'm interested in a lipo laser unit... We are a small clinic located in portland,Oregon. We have gotten hammered by the recession...so....I need an economical ...effective unit.... 

I don't care what brand the laser is. I just want the best one for what I do.

I am a chiropractor. I treat everything from the spine to shoulders, hips, knees and feet, from chronic to acute and now weight loss.

I have been putting off buying a laser for several years because I wasn't confident I was buying the best or the one that spent the most on advertising.

I am looking for a bargain price on this Laser Biotech 600.  

​Please call me. I lost the connection during my conversation with the owner on 4-26-13. 

​Hello, I bought a Fat Laser machine that has two intensities, and various settings mor Hertz, from 1, qo,20, 50, 100, 200, 250, 500, and 1000 HZ. I am curious to understand the meaning and application of the various hertz frequencies. the diode setting is 650 mms. Can u help or recommend a good site that lists more information. thanks for your site. I just found it....

I live in Salt Lake City, Utah. I have a nail and hair salon and believe this could be a good addition to the salon. I dont know what class I can have without a physician. I am looking for the product that gets noticable reults and a fair price. I have looked at CellaBlaze 

Paddles on vevazz is 18 diaods, not sure of other that are usual 635nm.
I guess that makes vevazz a laser like lipo laser. I've been told 660 penetrates dark skin best, the rest require more sessions. 

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