The biggest problem I'm having is the first gen laser that doctors are claimingtheir lasers are conking out and patients are canceling if they don't get a loaner like immediately. Most lipo laser that are in the 50k range have a 1 year manufactures warranty although the importer can sell an extended 3 year warranty. This is good especially if their is a problem and downtime is at risk. The big fear is that the laser will quit and you have to stop the sessions and the patient will have to continue their sessions in a different clinic. 

This is what most doctors always mention to me on the phone. Down time on a machine I guess is a big problem in a clinic, especially with chiropractors, who seem to ask this most often.

Note: make sure htat the warranty is not just the importers but the actually makers of the laser. Private labels can have a 1 year warranty when the actual manufacture has a 90 day warranty on their export laser. I have even seen some lsers with 3 year warranties, usually the real cheap ones with inflated warranties then they are usually out of business and haven't even been in business more than 6 months in the first place.

The warranties are not real warranties when there is a problem. Understanding who imports these and who manufactures them is hard but possible when you take them apart and look at the electronics. Do the control pads mach the brands on the cereal plate?

If you nee help fixing it, good luck. That is if anyone knows how to service it.
Better yet, why are people wanting replacements if it didnt work in the first place. Please look for a legit company.

Also, know their return policy. Is it 30 days or longer? Do you have to ship it back in the original packaging and box to get the refund. Are their restockingfees? Who is supposed to pay the shipping? Because its used, do you only get a partial credit? What if it is slightly damaged?

Most companies I've worked with that are legit will let you buy a laser and return it if you don't like it. Please read their return policy in full. This will prevent any warranty issues if you don't like your purchase for any reason.

Some laser compaines do not allow returns at all once they are used in the clinic. Please find out the RETURN POLICY before you purchase a laser.

I know which companies act like phone companies and will discount this, throw this in, or do whatever it takes to keep you from returning the laser. I only work with companies that don't act like this. I don't judge any companies for the way they run their business but I just prefer companies that you don't buy something and stuck with it if you don't like it. 

Please take my lipo laser quiz and address if you need a money back trial. Some have restocking fees that feel they have a reputation and others that are new to the lipo laser business might offer trials with less fees to return them.

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