There are clinics popping up everywhere. Everyone seems to have a different treatment type protocol and clients usually go with whatever the clinic recommends.  Some have machines for lymphatic exercise and focus on that and others don't have them and send people home with a basket of supplements.

Everyone seems to have their own protocol for workiing with their lipo laser. My best advice is to make sure that the place giving lipo laser treatments is a licensed and board certified. There are many day spas (not medical facilities) giving these treaments and nothing is wrong with that but advising people without knowing their body ecology and how fast they can turn tea spoons of lymph drainage.

Some treatment types focus on getting the person in and in as few sessions as possible melt away as much fat ast hey can but without allowing the person to drain it all and much of it goes back into the body as the lymphatic system on certain people is already so compromised that they can't process all the waste being eliminated from detoxing the fat cells.

It really bugs me that people do lymphatic exercise for 10 minutes after their session. If the lymphatic drainage system can only move 4 to 5 teaspoons a minute when the heart is pumping fast, the body is warm and at its maximum, this is no where near enough time to release all the fat and toxins and pass it all to the liver to be processed to be moved as waste in the lower intestine.

I havent heard of anything that it is dangerous, mostly it just didn't work and wasted peoples time. 

Some treatment types focus on the whole body and others just spot treatments that don't seem to respond to regular exercise. This could be the fat where the toxins in the body are stored and the body is fighting to hold on to this fat for life. There are differnet types of fat. Visceral fat around the organs is mandatory. If doing spot treatments the body can have an easier time assimilating the waste. If the person is doing lymphatic exercise and eating better, then more areas can be treated in the same session without worrying its all gonna be a waste of time.

​Know what to expect when getting lipo laser done and what to expect without doing the before and after protocols that are usually what gets those people in the before and after pictures their results. If going for your double chin or your bingo arm is one thing but trying to lose 20 lbs of fat and expecting it to all drain out like a freaking get rich quick scheme is another thing.

Some lasers are very powerful and can empty the fat cells faster than the body can eliminate them.

If you are a clinic, let me know the types of treatments you plan on doing. For patients, I know clinics in most of the popular states and the staff are trained differently. Some have backgrounds in nutrition and others in fitness. If you want a doctor or you want just a technician working on you, let me know. I will do my best to find the person that can help you the best.
If they try to sell you on supplements and series of sessions and make you feel like you can't walk out if you don't buy them, tell me who they are. I don't promote places like that.

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