Treatment times on lasers is definately quicker than LED lipos (there are new superluminous diodes now) which very close to lasers now.

The lipo lasers that are at 660nm usually take about 45 minutes to an hour while the 635nm ones can take about 15 minutes. These are good as long as the the person doesn't think that just because it only takes 15 minutes they can treat more areas in 45 minutes. It doesn't matter how quick they work. It's flushing the fat out of the body after the session which most people are on their way out of the clinic and on their own.

Just like personal trainers telling people in the gym to change their diet. Rarely do people do it and never get that shrink to fit skin that they are seeking. Food addictions take over. People have things to do and the fat just goes back into the body. Can someone say Homeostasis? I learned this in elementary school.

Some of the third generation lipos can treat an area in 6 minutes. These are the most expensive ones and have the most paddles. The average lipo laser time is ab out 20 to 25 minutes per area. 2nd gen ones take about 15 to 18 minutes per area treated.

The lasers have gone down in wattage and the most draining of all lasers only has 5mw of power per diode. Back in the first gen, they were 10 and 20 mw per diode.

​Note: most clinics tell me they want to get the people in and out as fast as they can and see as many patients as they can. The lasers many people are buying are quick but not made for continuous usage. Down time is a big problem. They want to lower the treatments times but they don't want to pay for it. The engineering is there but the components are not so it works quick like the expensive ones but the down time between patients is what the problem is. They don't know this till they buy the laser. They are getting higher wattages of diodes at the 635 wavelength and they have to wait longer for it to cool down. if they dont the laser will get hot and the last thing a doctor wants is it to overheat and stop working while a patient is using the laser. This doesn't typically happen on the 3rd generation types but most complaints are on the first gen and some on 2nd gen.

Make sure if you are in a high traffic clinic that the laser doesn't have surfaces that heat up inside.

Different lasers take longer or shorter so if you want to be referred to a place that I think matches up with your answers on your quiz, I will recommend a place if I know one in your area.

If you are thinking of buying a lipo laser machine, I can discuss the different types, different wavelenghts and diode types and if a laser or superluminous LED is better for your clinic. I had to study these along with the protocols people take after getting treatments to find out why some work and why others get a bad rap.

Many doctors can't figure out why their patients don't come back for treatments. It is so funny because they bought the best laser but the protocols aren't being taken. This is new and many new clinics justbuying these don't have the experience or have researched like I have.

If you want help comparing the different lipo laser machines on the market or unsure which laser to get treatment on, take my lipo laser quiz here. Don't fill in the boxes if it doesn't apply to you.

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How to choose between LED Lipos and LASER Lipos
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