Not all lasers are built the same and when people try to return them, most doctors are tell me that the manufactures are saying they aren't using them correctly and won't give them refunds.

This is 60 thousand dollars we are talking about. Just go to the blogs on the net and you will find some very unhappy doctors that feel they got ripped off. I try to tell the doctors that the protocols after the treatments are just as important as the treatments and they said they weren't even trained on this. This is so crazy! how can you sell a lipo laser and not train someone how to process the lymph and fat wastes after the treatments.

Another thing is that in 2012, when most of these lipo lasers were being heavily marketed and sold, the ones that are now 50 to 60 thousand, some people paid 35 grand back then and the compaines are trying to get it and do. I have talked to some doctors and they said they paid 20 grand for the same ones that are selling for 60 grand now. I know companies have to make their profits in order to stay in business to service the warranties. I know what my cost is. I know from selling lasers that 2 in every 10 people that the manufacture has to fly down and demonstrate the laser makes the laser cost go up for hte people that actually buy. I know the ways that manufactures wil let me give people demo discounts on new ones but so many people are flakes and don't come through. If htey want to get a cheap lipo laser and don't want to do what I need, then I'll just wait till I find people to do videos for me. If you go to my you willsee the videos that I did. I do have the control over prices and if someone does me a favor that I need I will help. It is nice that I can save someone thousands of dollars just by calling certain manufactures and letting them know somoene is working with me but rarely people pan out.

Fluence Scams: There are two ways of looking at coverage and I consider it a scam if a person gets the wrong type. Concentrated coverage with 100 diodes covering the same surface area as another laser with the same wattage and wavelength at 50 diodes. Book look identical when the light is shined on the surface but one has 50% less fluence which is not seen by the eye. Know the energy per square centimeter. 


Many doctors try to help people and the laser doesn't meet their expecations. It is not that they don't know how to go over the right protocols, sometimes it is just the lipo laser is cheap and bunk. Other times the machine is good and the protocols taken are bunk.

For patients only: SCAM WATCH::::
Lipo laser treatment can cost prices ranging from 25 to 500 per session. For the clinics that just bought a 60,000 dollar laser, they are more likely to charge more than someone who is renting it that can return it anytime. I avoid working with thoe that try to giet their money back they bought the laser for by pressuring their patients to buy series of sessions. They hook them in by offering a super cheap 3 session series just to get them in the door. many chiros are offering lipo now because in surance is paying less and less for the treatments that people want these days outside of general adjustments. Just look at Groupon and see the lipo laser deals that seems a different clinic is offering every day popping up. Many pepole sign up without knowing the wavelenght they are using. If they ask, the people that answer the phones don't even know. They dont know the wattage or anything.

For Clinics: I would avoid refurbished or any returned lasers. I hear stories of problems why people return them. If you talk to some of the clinics I've talked to, they will tell you the different lipo lasers they have bought until they found the right now.

Scam: If they measure you with one of those measuring tapes and say you lose this or than many inches, run, don't walk but run out as fast as you can out of their. People are so excited they don't even realize they might be getting scammed or talking to someone that has no idea what they are doing. For at least an hour, they should be talking about how to remove the dissolved fat as efficiently as possible after the session. There is a limited time window. Some clinics have saunas, others vibration machines, others lymphatic jackets that they put on people to pump the wastes out. Some do colonics and lymphatic massage. Everyone seems to be selling a different protocol. 

By the time the patient drives in traffic home and does their protocol, it is too f@#%ing late and I know this. It's like doing a heavy weight workout and waiting 2 hours later to eat your protein meal. There is waste all in the body. Either get in a freakin sauna and sweat out the sebaceous sweat or pump it out by doing lymphatic excerise as fast as you can.

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