There are ways to prep yourself before getting lipo treatmet to help ensure the displaced fat actually leaves the body and not just resurfaces. Many people don't follow the protocols the first time around. 

Many of the people that used the first generation lasers are now doing it over again who didn't get results the first time around. They didn't do lymphatic exercise. The diodes were probably higher than 635nm and didn't have the penetration they have today.

Now, we know the things people did wrong by failing to prep themselves. Also, after the treatment is just as important as before the treatment. Some people use saunas to sweat it out (sebacious sweat, not sweating like a pig, water based sweat), some do jumping exercise. Some run or walk. Most on even ground or treadmills. Uneven ground is what is best as it has the G force to pump the lymph the best as long as people can handle it. Some people get colonics and use a chi machine if getting laser lipo on the legs. 

Note: 80% of the lymph vessels are in the legs. The chi machine is actually one of the best. They are around 99 bucks. Some people like them and others don't. If you like the 99 dollar one, you can always upgrade to a 300 or 400 dollar one. I use one every single day. I get on it an hour before bed and read while on it. It puts me to sleep and I rarely finish my 2nd 30 minute session.

Many people tell me different things that helped them. The most common is zeolite. It is cheap. Under 20 bucks. There are some good ones and bad ones. It comes in liquid and powder. The other clumps up all the toxins in the body so that when going under lipo, the cluster size is smaller and the fat has less resistance leaching out of the body. Also raising the voltage of the body with fractals (they are very cheap, about 60 dollars each) that you can put on the paddles or wear them.

The infused fractals put on the paddle give off a tingle feel during the lipo laser session. It doesn't enhance the penetration but only the laser picks up the frequencies of the fractals and makes the cluster size of the fat. You can see videos of this all over the net. You can also see lab pictures of before and after showing the cluster size of whatever the laser shined on. I will tell say that if the fractal is placed on any laser, paddle or just a laser pen, if you shine a laser on a soda without it, nothing happens that yo ucan taste. If using the fractal, it make the soda flat or a lemon 1/10 as bitter. People shine them on cigarettes and it tastes nothing like a cigareete afterwards. The coolest thing I do with the fractal is I can eat a chili pepper as it cna make a chili pepper taste almost as mild as a bell pepper in less than a minute. Most people don't believe it until they see it.

Offer:  I will send anyone willing to do a youtube to add to my 500+ vidoes I have up on you tube with these.  I will send the sample free of charge. I will pay the shipping to. One per person. Contact me here if you are interested. I will contact you and go over what I need in the video.

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