Stored wastes leaving fat cells:
This is minutes after the body releases tons of lipase enzymes to break down the fat in the body so they can exit the body through the lymphatic system.

People that have a whack lymphatic system should are playing with fire if they don't know what they are doing and will probably end up wasting their money, especially with a 635nm beam which breaks it up the most and is what many doctors say that releases faster than most of their patients can process in the liver. 

How does it work in a nut shell?
Fat cells lose their round shape as their cluster size gets smaller so the fat can be released. The cell membranes release lipase. This enzyme breaks up the fat from what the laser does. The smaller fat molecules goes into the lymphatic system to bedumped into the liver. If the liver is whack and the lymphatic system is sluggish even if doing lymphatic exercises or the long drive home, teaspoon by teaspoon, the body slowly starts absorbing back the fat and the fat's smaller cluster size starts becoming larger and the session becomes worthless if the wastes are not moved out quick enough. Fat cells start repairing themselves immediately. Every minute counts. If waiting an hour, it's almost like 10 to 20% the fat settles back. If not flushing doing lymphatic exercise at all, probbly 90% of the treatment time is a waste. Remember, the fat cells are not damaged but just changed until homeostasis kicks in and brings the fat back to where they were before if they weren't released. If anyone is considering lipo laser or LED treatment, having a protocol that will help eliminate the smaller cluster size fat out of the body should be mandatory. Just bouncing or light hopping is the least someone can do to create enough G force to pump the lymphatic system when nothing else is available.

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I am not a health practitioner and only reviewing these lasers, I am not making a to do list for everyone to follow.

I have interviewed many people that complained that they got treatments and didn't get a single result and others that got the same number of treatments with that same machine and they got the promised results.

Some places are saying to do this or that many minutes of lymphatic exercise. Some people cannot process the amount of waste that another person can so the protocols have to be specific to the person if the promised results are expected. So, what the f@#% are the people doing that are getting the results everyone is talking about?

The laser can reduce the cluster size of the fat so it can be leached out just like it would naturally when the body uses it for energy. The problem is that the dissolved fat is released back into the body and not transported into the lymphatic system. So many people getting this treatment come to me and have no idea what I am talking about. I really wish they would educate them but even if they did most patients want to get in and out as fast as they can. They are in a rush after work or whoever to get home.

Most of the people that don't get results end up re-absorbing the fat back into the body. I am making a point to only refer people to clinics that know how to tell people on an individual basis what to do during post treatment. (But, they already got your money. They aren't obligated then. Ok, maybe its not about that but why do I get pissed off when patients call me and are clueless and want to call their clinic back and argue why they didn't inform them on the stuff I am talking about.

Many people are told to do a liver flush so that when the fat is transported there as it goes there last, they can't process the fat waste and it reabsorbs.

Most people that are getting lipo have a sluggish lymphatic system from the start, one of the reasons they are holding on to the fat for deer life. They have food addictions and a very slow metabolism.

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