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How to choose between LED Lipos and LASER Lipos
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Lipo Laser Buying Guide
Are you…
Confused about which device to buy?

Frustrated by all the unsubstantiated marketing claims?

Unsure if you can create a positive ROI?

Concerned about paying too much or too little?

If you’re looking to purchase a Lipo laser and are frustrated with all of the company marketing hype and unsubstantiated claims, you’re not alone…
Many physicians and health practitioners commonly complain of feeling like they don’t know the whole story when researching a laser for their practice.
With all the different brands of laser on the market, it can be difficult to decide what laser is best for your practice.

In this Guide I wanted to do something different. I didn’t just want to go into comparing and analyzing specifications and getting all technical. In fact that’s just the problem with this product category as a whole, there is just too much information about specifications and features when the truth is that many times in my research I have found that some companies are lying about their product’s specs!! 

It has take some time to compile and request specs from the manufacturing level and sometimes in order to get that information I had to pretend to be a company that wanted to import a thousand units for sale in the USA. Many times there are discrepancies in how a Lipo company represents their equipment versus the real information the manufacturer provides. Most companies invest 90% into their personal marketing efforts and 10% into obtaining a quality product and supporting their customers properly. 

Many Lipo companies invest a lot of resources into trying to sell people on their device being the best around when it is usually no more effective than the other cheap knockoffs. Remember that 90% of the market is flooded with cheap Chinese knock offs. They are designed to look on the outside very similar (if not identical) to the various brands. They might even perform very similarly initially, but can degrade and decline quickly (cheap component quality). The ultimate goal of these manufacturers is to confuse the public so they end up becoming frustrated and just purchasing which ever company provides the lowest price (or over inflated to increase perceived value) and has the most convincing marketing for why their product is “The Best”.

Inside information
I actually have had associates of mine tell me that when they have sought to set up manufacturing contracts with some of these big entities in the East they are literally given options about the quality of the product they desire to sell and what to expect according to their hard costs. For example, if you want the product to perform close to some of the best competitive products out there, most of these facilities and their engineers can only promise this for 3 - 12 months. With some exceptional brands they cannot even replicate the quality of engineering and designs (many times because it requires higher grade of components which greatly increases production costs and reduces profit margin). 

So the reality is that only 5-10% of the companies are offering a good quality product and service that truly delivers and matches up with the marketing and the consumer’s expectations. It is no surprise that these same companies offer the most robust warranties. In fact this is sometimes a faster way to narrow down the options by just comparing all the various warranties and asking the right questions to the companies.
The time it takes to determine who these companies are and which brands in each market are truly exceptional is a period of time that your average health practitioner with a busy schedule cannot feasibly achieve. However, getting to the kind of information necessary to make a wise purchase decision is not even just about how much research time one can put in. Unfortunately, a lot of the real key information is not always that accessible to the general public. You have to really get to know various individuals who have worked inside of these various companies and ideally on the manufacturing level in order to learn more inside secrets and get information that even the companies importing and branding the products to not know.  

For example, one of the very well known companies in the Lipo Lasers category was tremendously successful selling their grossly overpriced equipment on the West coast of the US many years back when it first came out and low and behold a couple years later they got in a lot of trouble with the Banks because all the clinics, practitioners, and centers that got their laser had to take out big loans to do so and after seeing for themselves the poor performance of the device, they were defaulting on their loans. They were trying to return it and had a terrible ROI (return on investment) as the laser wasn’t producing significant enough results to convince their clients and customers that they should continue getting treatments or upgrade to a package of sessions. This company also had a real lack of marketing and consulting support so they did not ensure that these various clinics and practices would be successfully implementing the right kind of program based on tried and true methods of success. In fact the company was just over confident in their BIG NAME and thought that would enough.

After that fiasco it really depressed the market for some years leaving a bad taste in everyone’s mouth and rumors spread. Along the way of course we have Chinese knockoffs continually flooding the market further “proving” to everyone that these devices don’t work very well. Just Google lipo laser or go to Alibaba.com. I rest my case.

The companies that suffered the most during this whole market fluctuation were the ones actually producing a great product with great service! As I said, your average consumer will not do enough of their due diligence with research and after a while they just don’t know who to believe and would rather not take the financial risk or wind up making a bad choice for purchase.

Still today I get calls from people who are considering going down the same path repeating these same mistakes as in the past simply because they do not know a lot of this pertinent information I try to share. For those still wondering… I cannot say the specific Lipo laser brand that created lot of problems for folks and Banks because if I did I would most likely be sued by them within the month. They are a big company and have taken 25 years to build up their brand name (solely through aggressive marketing efforts). At this point that is all they are just a brand name with over priced poorly performing products and terrible service. Anyone who calls me though, I can share a little bit more freely over the phone. 

So this is the part where I used to give you the complete layout analysis of the top 10-% quality lipo laser brands…
But I can’t. Why? Well four years ago the market had a big resurgence due to the success of the websites Livingsocial.com and Groupon.com. Many of the clinics offering lipo sessions were leveraging these great websites power to bring them new customers who could then be rolled into larger lipo session packages. In fact this system still works pretty well today as a way to attract new business. So in other words many of the most competitive companies started to get real serious again about their online presence and maintain their perceived brand quality. So a few different companies started putting pressure on me to remove my objective comparison charts along with subjective data. Quite simply when you laid the brands side by side with all the essential analysis criteria, some of these models looked not so favorable to put things politely. 

I remember one of the criteria got a company so infuriated when I simply calculated the cost per mW (milliwatt) per paddle and per diode compared to a couple other brands. People have a right to make an apples to apples comparison and see one product is 20 times the price for the same deliverables.

So I got all this pressure about objective data analysis of the actual equipment I was able to keep analysis on their customer service, marketing support, etc. or lack thereof for some time. But then after a couple years I got the letters or emails from their attorneys telling me I was defaming their brand etc etc. Ok fine..no big deal as long as I can still tell people the truth over the phone was my thoughts.
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