Infusing Lipo Lasers (paddles)
Infusing the paddle is easy. The fractal is infused where the laser picks up the carrier waves from the fractal. Fractals have 3 ways of being infused. The algorithm way is the least powerful. You can feel if the energy from the laser picking up the information from the fractal as it feels tingly, almost like static.

The fractal does not do anything unless its infused. Think of the fractal like a DVD. I will give one sample per person of my infused foil without the fractal on top of it. If you put salt on a teaspooon and set it on the fractal, it will taste a night and day difference. I can take pizza that has been sitting all day. Cheese all congealed. Nasty. Put it back in the oven after infusing it. Put it side by side with a fresh pizza (and I live in NYC and have been to the best pizza places) and 10 out of 10 people like the pizza that has been sitting out all day better. The fresh pizza tastes like cardboard (the crust) and the sauce tastes metalic tasting (canned). I really enjoy sharing these with people as they con't cost me that much to buy. I buy them by the thousands. I made over 500 vidoes on youtube and have sold these since 2009 when I first heard of them. I used to sell them for 200 dollars each. I wholesaled them for 12 dollars. I did feel bad but all the people that were charging 300 and I was cheaper, people questioned me. The main company went out of business and I found where the make them at.

It also gives me energy. The round donut one in the picture above. I can honestly say that I can armwrestle anyone, any body builder, anyone, and beat them in armwrestling. It works in my favor because even though I can only curl about 45 pounds ten times, and a body builder can do way more than that, their voltage gets lower and lower each time he beats me in armwrestling while my voltage stays up. Sooner or later, after about 15 to 20 rounds, I will beat them finally. My girlfriend, when she holds the round one, she can beet me, but usually after an hour. And she can only curl about 20 lbs ten times.

Again, I cannot give the donuts out but I do have scratched up ones I can loan people. It is free. No charge for shipping either. If someone does a cool video with one, I probably will give it to you free. But I have to like the video. If you want more of them, and doing videos for my entertainment, I can send more. I have access to as many as I can get.

Note: their is no feeling or sensation from the laser beams when getting this treatment. The fractal stickers can get too intense so the bigger the fractal is or the more mass that has been infused, the more of the sensation there will be. The body can feel a tingling as the voltage of the body increases from the signals being given off by the fractal. I am only going by what I have experienced.

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If any lipo laser clinic wants to see a fractal, contact me on my contact page. Ill make contact and show you how to use it. My pleasure. The donuts cost in stores 160 and the fractals 29. The more fractals you have layered on each paddle, the stronger the sensation.

Contact me here if interested.

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