Everyone is having questions, usually the same ones. Everyone seems to be getting different answers from different people. How can their be two answers to the same question.

I am not saying I am the authority but I have done my research. You can use my information or you can ignore it. This is my blog and I look at my site as a personal diary to share with anyone who wants to read it.

I believe what  I have learned is true and a lot of the manufactures do not like hwat I write on here. 

This is not a fake review site. How can it be fake if I am making a blog. Companies say I am working for a company and only sell that lipo laser. I don't promote a certain laser over another. I review lipo lasers. And give my feedback and interview people that use them. I dont do fake comparison charts trying to make one come out on top every time. I am being accused of pushing peopel to certain companies and if anyone wants to talk to me instead of telling people that have visited my site that I am a bad person and they might not get their laser if they pay me, to be cautious of dealing with me. I have heard it myself. Actually, I don't take payments for lasers in the first place so how can they get ripped off. I refer people to the manufactures and I make a small commission because I choose to.

I don't make up my information. If anyone wants to challenge my information I am always up for a good debate but it will probalby be at 2am in the morning becausethat is the time when I settle down.

If you are willing to learn about lipo lasers, I can help. Don't believe anything on my site if thats what I need to say before someone trys to say my site is fake. Its for entertainment purposes. If someone has a problem with my site, just click the little x button on the top of the screan and don't come back.

Iwill not try to convince anyone my site is my opinion and my research. I don't claim anything on my site as facts. I will update it regularly as I learn new things. If anyone has any information that can help my site please email me.

I will always try to help those out that help my site.

You can give me feedback on my site here on my contact page.

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