There are several types of fat and many people don't know about. There is visceral fat, non toxic fat, and fat that holds acids and wastes.

This is the fat that doesn't metabolize naturally. It is the fat that stays and is hard to get rid of. It is the fat that is parked into storage that does not ever get metabolized into energy for years. That stays. It is holding acids and trapped blood proteins in the body so that the organs don't acidify. Many people don't have acidic bodies because the body is in homeostasis holding onto the toxins in the fat tissue.

What I think is sad and I feel sorry for almost everyone that I see on most of the cardio machines in the gym is that they are spending an hour trying to burn calories to lose weight. This should be illegal. People think they are doing something good for their body when their body is fighting for deer life to hold on to the fat while soemthing in their mind is telling them to work out harder. I can always tell when people are fit from being in the gyms because they burned their excess fat off and when they do it the other way. You can't hide the calcification, fibrin, and inflammation from me.

The laser with lymphatic excercise is finally not just burning calories but emptying out the waste that has been locked into the fat for years. Many people get colonics to get the waste out.

The lipo laser is best at attacking the fat that hasn't solidified yet. Soon, hopefully, the toxins stored in the packed away fat for years will soon leach out and come to the surface. That fat piled up on top of fat. Whatever is not burned off by the body and doesn't leave the body though the lymph system will become fat deposited back into the fat cells. You don't loose them. They just shrink.

Note: the fat that is lowered in cluster size (liquified) does not just move by the natural body processes. The one way valves in the lymphaticsystem can only be pumped through muscle movement and gravity. If using both, then it can be much faster. The toxins in thefat that are removed must be eliminated quick but not to quick to not be processed in the liver. There are so many toxins that come out of the fat and many people feel sick if this does not release from their body. Heavy metals and acidity can be too much if too much gets leached at once. If planning on releasing a lot of fat toxins and someone has a sluggish lymphatic system, many people tell me that doing a liver flush helps too.

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