​Lipo lasers can have a range of diodes from 16 all the way to 60+ per individual paddle. Most I've seen have 40 and under giving it medium to medium high fluence. The concentration of the light is not as important as the wavelength which the trend. A 635nm versus the higher wavelengths will always be able to penetrate more than a beam with high fluence. But there has to be enough fluence. You can't just have a 635nm wavelength and have just a few diodes. There has to be a minimum fluence.

Note: Before I forget, I am being called by patients as well as doctors about treating people with machines with burned out diodes. If 57 out of 65 diodes are working and the other 8 are burned out, is there still enough fluence to get the treatment.

I have been told that there is but since their is less fluence the session time will need to be a little longer. I don't want patients to feel cheated so if someone notices a diode that is burned out.

I would inspect the diodes to make sure each diode is working before getting a treatment. I would ask for longer time, a discount, or not use it depending on how many diodes are burned out.

Laser diode number vs size of diode: (more on my diode 
Small diodes are better although they don't have more power or penetration teh larger they are. Its just that the smaller diodes, they can have more of them in the paddle giving it more fluence. The larger glass diodes are bulkier and less diodes go into the paddle. Smaller diodes are better for paddles which can also increase the cost depending on if the diodes are the German diodes. French diodes are almost as good. Each technology is slightly different. They all have same laser output but with different burnout rates.

Here is the link to my Diode Types page. Learn about laser fluence (densities with multi diodes, but not to go overkill. there is only so much fluence needed. Too many diodes to me is a gimmick unless a high traffic clinic really needs it and there is some reason to leach enough fat out of the body in a very short time and the person is doing more than the average lymphatic exercise immediately after the session.

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