The comments I get are from real people (not manufactures or salespeople) that don't gain anything from me interviewing them. A lot of times I call offices and I talk to them on the spot. The biggest complaint I get is downtime. NOt the effectiveness about the laser but downtime where they can't use the machine for some reason or another.

Claims to Avoid:
Everyone seems to brag about how quick their laser is. I don't care how quick it is. If the wavelength goes to deep or not deep enough is the problem. The best ones have the most diodes or Japanese super luminous LEDS with the lowest wattage and as close to 635 nanometers as possible. Most doctors can't afford 60 grand on their first one and they don't seem to want to rent them as it will cost more in the long run. So, they usually inquire about the cheaper ones. But the patients going to the clinics alway want faster treatments especially if treating multiple areas.

​Many people are hearing lcaims from people that are in the business or going on some chat forum that is probably written by a sales person trying to get you in their clinic so you can spend 3000 dollars every other month. This is what I've been hearing.

Everyone is so fu@#%ing rushed, including the patients even when they are trying to get help. I expect the technician or doctor giving the treatment to spend 30 minutes or an hour after the session while the person is doing lymphatic flushing in their office to actually spend the time to go over protocols and teach the patient. But no. They are in a rush to get to the next patient. It's kinda like when a server at a restaurant has too many tables and is rushed. They toss the bill and don't stop for even one second to thank us for coming or saying thank you while looking in the next direction they are going. Complain to the freakin manager that you need help and you can't serve the tables like you want to.

If someone wants this kind of personal attention after the treatment or someone to talk to them while getting the session THE ENTIRE TIME it is not usually going to be any of those discount lipo places that get you in and out as fast as they can.

Another thing. If you don't see one single result after the first treatment, lipo laser is not for you. I don't believe someone should pay for the service if nothing changed. Either the lipo machine was not the right one for them or their lymphatic system is so bunk that they shouldn't be gteting lipo treatment in the first place which they should know before treating someone. Some people have no business getting lipo as their body is fighting for deer life to hold on to that fat becuase their body is so acidic and toxic. This is about 5% of the people that contact me. Most people getting spot treatments don't have this issue.

​Note: make sure the research a clinic is saying that lipo lasers have done were actually DONE ON THE MACHINE THEY ARE USING, not just lipo lasers in general. This is very misleading. I'ts like a technician using a 660nm achine when the results shown on some poster were from a 635 nm machine. Just make sure its the same lipo.

Note: "Reduction of stretch marks" claim. This has nothing to do with fat. It has to do with with tightening of the poors. A 635nm laser, for example, can ive the appearance of reducing stretchmarks but not actually taking them away. It's the effect of less stretch marks but not actually reducing it.

If you want to know which lipo laser machine I would recommend based on your answers, take my lipo laser quiz here.

How to choose between LED Lipos and LASER Lipos

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