Founder Story

I have spent the last 15 years as a professional consumer product adviser specifically for the Alternative Health Market. This has included reviewing, testing and researching multiple categories of health equipment and also some medical devices. Around the year 2004 I got involved with research in the aesthetic laser market, mainly focusing on non-invasive Lipo Lasers. 

Since then I have been involved with consulting with all sorts of folks and have been involved with the sale of hundreds of lasers and I have clearly learned the best approach to making an informed purchase decision along with avoiding the most common pitfalls when purchasing or leasing expensive laser equipment. 

I’ve seen both the frustration and confusion of health practitioners, business owners and residential users over the years trying their best to figure out which brand of laser to buy and all the while concerned about if they are getting the best deal possible and what exactly they even need for their unique set of applications. Every client is a little bit different and so there are subtleties to figuring out which model and brand would best serve them. 

Also, there are some bad apples in the industry in terms of companies and brands along with Brokers and Distributors that I advise consumers to avoid. In truth I have found only 10% of the Lipo Laser companies out there are really worth purchasing and much of the market is composed of grossly overpriced devices that are either not effective (low efficacy), or very low priced knockoff brands also with low efficacy that do not meet expectations usually after 1-2 months of regular usage. Many of these cheap Chinese devices are designed to appear similar if not identical to competitive or popular brands. 

The ultimate goal of these manufacturers is to confuse the public so they end up becoming frustrated and just purchasing whichever company provides either the lowest price and or the highest (priced high to appear better quality) and also has the most convincing marketing for why their product is “The Best”.

How else do I help? 

Besides providing analysis on actual brands and models, I also have reviewed criteria on the companies and manufacturers themselves. I’ve noticed that a lot of practitioners can get too hung up on the device and price and end up forgetting about what kind of service they will be getting with it. The bottom line is this, unless you have a positive track record with using Lipo Lasers to build a practice or know how to create a quick ROI and then surpass that in a short space of time, then you will need some ongoing consultation support.  

Very few companies are strong with this aspect and generally are just in the market to sell as many lasers as possible. I laugh when their “in-house marketing team” is composed of college graduates who have not really proven themselves out in the field and can provide real business case studies about successes. In fact when I request this type of evidence or referrals they usually come up short or offer an excuse. Instead they leave these physicians or clinics on their own and I can tell you that 9 times out of 10 the ROI takes a long time to obtain and when I visit some of these practitioners, their Lipo laser has been sitting on the shelf collecting dust for some time.  

Even if you managed to figure out the better devices market, it really doesn’t mean a whole lot without good business support. This is about running a business and to further my point with an example, I know a few clinics out in Southern California charging $300-400 per treatment session and their device is very low level probably 4 out of 10 rating! And yet they are making $80,000 a month selling treatment packages. The reason for their success is because they are doing their marketing right and know what they are doing to build a successful business or clinic around use of a Lipo Laser.

If you need personal 1 on 1 assistance then we should move forward with a consultation (there is no cost for this). My only requirement is that you fill out and submit the Questionnaire at the bottom or back on the main page of the site. Please do not neglect to fill out the best time(s) to reach you as I am so busy that I simply do not have time to be playing phone tag with anyone. The questionnaire will help you get your thoughts in order about what your exact needs and goals are and it will help me prepare for a most productive call. 
Looking forward to assisting you in any way I can.

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...because every company claims they have the best Lipo Laser