Before choosing the lipo laser to use, and especialy before spending the extra money to get the 635 nanometer 3rd gen models, the most important questions on which laser to use if if a LED or a Laser should be used.

Some doctors are against use the laser and only use LED and others bash the LED ones saying they only reach the surface and don't reach the deper fat layers but the other doctors syathat the visceral fat that is holding acididy and toxicity aroudn the organs should not be  within 10 feet of a laser.

After hearing both sides of the story from doctors having opposite views, I ahve came up with my own conclusion.

​The body can only move about 4 to 5 tea spoons of lymph per minute. If a 635 nm laser is used, for example, the amount of fat that is released cannot possibly all be released as the body cannot pump it out fast enough, even if doing an hour of lymphatic exercise immediately afterwards.

many people have a poor lymphatic drainage system and my opinion is that they should consider the LED type as it takes much longer to do the same job as the laser but gives the body enough time to assimilate the wastes, especially the toxicity from detoxing the fat cells. AFter all, the body gains fat (homeostasis) to hold in toxins that othewise would accidify the organs.

​If at person is just targeting the backof their arms or the chin or neck, sure I hve no problem with the laser but if a person is doing the whole body and the person has a poor lymphatic system, the LEd is probably would I would consider as it is the slow approach but most people are so rushed that they don't think like this and the fat cells shrink and as soon as the body starts loading up with toxins again, they go back to their size before they got lasered or LED'ed.

If doing a laser and not the whole body at once, its might not be necessarily to do tons of lymphatic flushing as the body is not overwhelemed. A 650 to 670nm model like in the first generations was great because they werernt as powerful as the 3rd gen ones and took longer and allowed the body to process less wastes, especially if the treatment times were shorter back in those days.

In other words, I would not use a 635nm model under any circumstance if the patient is not going to do lymphatic flushing in conjunction, otherwise the sessions will be a waste of time. Kinda like lifting super heavy weights but not getting enough protein and aminos to rebuild the muscles.

It just aggrivates me that it seems that those offering this treatment would know about this. Most doctors who do the treatment themselves know this stuff. Some of these tanning salons Ive been to, I cannot say the same.

​I strongly urge people to take my laser lipo quiz. If you are a patient and need to know if a 635 or a 650 or 670 nm is better for you, email me what you are trying to do and your current situation and I will recommend which model I think would work best for you. A LEd type might be best for one person but won't work for another person. It all depends on the body ecology of the person and most importantly the lymphatic system. Does the person have a fat puffy chin and skinny or is the person just fat all over. More often than not the extra fat is fibrin and calcification and mucin.

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