The Vevazz is not a laser but know as the Laser-Like Lipo. Many people that prefer the superluminous LED who have large areas and not just problem areas will usually choose the super luminous. This doesn't work in 6 minutes per session like a 635 laser but it is very effective, (the old version had standard LEDs. The latest model, now has the new Japanese superluminous leds.

The Vevazz laser-like lipo machine is becoming more popular due to the switch over from LED to the super luminous LED. These are under 20,000 dollars and and close to 15,000 for the set up if you don't want all the extras. 

I have not had any returns on the Vevazz and no complaints since its been on the market. There are 3 other competitors in the LED lipo market. This one has the market share. Early bird got the worm. They were the first I have found that have switched overto the super luminous LED. The cheaper LEDs have nowhere near the intensity and fluence of the Vevazz. 

Compare LED types here on my review page here.
This is the Vevazz "laser-like" Lipo.

This is the one that I am most familiar with as I work with people since the beginning of my site who have used this and sold it.

If you have questions about this or want to find one in your area to see, make contact on my contact page.

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