A new Slimco is coming up everywhere all the sudden in the lipo laser market and they aren't even a laser but a LED based lipo system. It 200x more powerful than any other lipo light based on its wattage specs.

I had a coparison chart that showed how this compared but I had to take it down as one of the manufactures of the other lasers didn't want their picture on their so I can share the chart if someone wants to email me.

The Illusion of the Over Inflated Price Tag

I wondered how a product that is 200x stronger than everyone else's lipo laser can be priced around the same as the competition's. Something is wrong with this picture. It's really quite simple for two reasons. One, manufacturer's are using cheaper components and manufacturer in countries where the labor is cheap; one country that comes to mind starts with a Ch. If you can't figure it out then you probably failed Geography class in High School. I know that to construct and develop each body lite unit, it costs about 5-10x more than the other lasers out there. Quality components are always more expensive..so this unit has no issues with overheating like other ones can, where you are running back to back sessions all day long. Quality components also mean less % of failure years down the road.  You can actually pick up the pads and feel how heavy they are any tell from that alone. I call it the Doesthisfeellikeapieceofjunktest. If it feels like a toy, then it probably is one that's the way I see it. *Special Report: Some of these devices are actually manufacturered in the same factories 'overseas' where the US imports its toys from. 
*This statement may or may not be true and is subject to being edited at anytime at my discretion if anyone calls me out on it.  

So for, the second reason for a high price tag is from over inflating the cost per 1000mW/cost per Watt. For a fairly priced lipo-laser just like with a cold laser, it should only cost you around $1000 to at most $1,500 per Watt/1,000mW. The body lite is almost exactly that at around $1,000 a Watt and with the 8 pads total has combined Wattage of 48 Watts/48,000mW. 

I broke out my trusty calculator and plugged in the per watt cost for one of the more popular lipo lasers on the market and the cost was around $59,000 for 1 watt. After discovering that I feel like I should contact the Attorney General or something.. that is like bordering on fraud. Or maybe I just got into the wrong business and I should be making expensive flashlights instead...$59,000 flashlights...hmm. No worries I won't turn to the dark side, my allegiance is to the good folks who read my site and trust my raw and honest reviews. Moving on..

I think the other cool thing about the body lite is that to perform a session with it, the adminstrator just uses these Velcro straps to place the pads over the main fatty regions...but one could also place the 8 pads all over the main lymphatic points and use it for stimulating that detox system. So the administrator just pushes a button to start the whole thing and walks away and comes back 15 minutes later. nice and simple. There is also an option to get 8 additional pads and plug them into the same unit and treat two people simultaneously side by side. Great for close couples still in the honemoon stage who want to share a zap the fat moment together. <3

I honestly thought I could come up with some draw backs to this device when I did my investrigations with it but I never have. Please take my quiz first to see if this is the right laser for you. Take the Lipo Laser Quiz here.

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