Get the answers to your questions! From research, not trying to sell you something. (although I will sell you a laser only if you ask. Otherwise, I answer questions and go over what I learned that I am sharing.

Why is one laser 50,000 dollars and another one is only 15,000 and they both claim the same results?
A. All of them work but its a amatter how good they work and how fast, how much down time, and how much fat they leach per minute in the office.

Why do some treatment places charge double or triple what another place charges?
A. Typically, the lipo laser machines that are cheaper they charge cheaper prices to use them. Also, if you see a place with the same laser, it might be that the laser is being used by a medical doctor and not a technician. I will say that the people that get the most results for some reason are the ones getting it in medical clinics.

​Should I use a LED or a laser?
Both are good but depending on the lymphatic drainage capabilities of the person, one is usually better than the other. An obese person will definately respond to one type over the other depending on the post treatment. If just getting the treatment, then the LED over the long term can be better. Right now the super luminous is catching up to the 635nm models.

​What is my guarantee that the lipo laser I am using isn't just a heat lamp and gonna just melt away fat like a sauna?
A. Lasers can range from 635 all the way to 980nm that won't heat. There are ways to tell if the laser is meant for a heal lamp only. It is as easy as checking the FDA report. If it is not FDA approved the laser migh not be regulated and the spec sheet.

​If anyone has questions about lipo lasers or just general questions about my site, you arewelcome to make contact with me. I am the one that has reviewed these lasers (mostof the major brands) and I will give my honest opinions based on what I have reviewed and compared. Also, I base my answers on all the people using them and doctors giving treatments. If enough of the answers are the same about each laser, I consider it true until proven wrong. If a manufacture has a good laser I expect them to give a 30 day unconditional money back guarantee. I always have soomeone that is willing to buy one of these returns at a deep discount.

How many treatments aer needed per week?
Well, if someone is doing a lot of lymphatic exercise, some people go more than 2 times a week. I have not heard any benefit from going for more than 4 weeks. Just like getting colonics, more is not alwasy better as the lymphatic system can only drain so much before the cluster size gets larger again. Most people sugget that at least a 2 week period between the 4 week session is best. Many people go 4 to 5 times a week and become obsessed and they always tell me aftwards that it didn't make any difference than the 2 times a week. The fat cells can only shrink in cluster size so much and takes time for them to release as if the toxins are coming in then the body fights for homeostasis and the body makes it harder for it to rid fat. The body will always try to hold on to toxins and acidity and store them in the fat reserves.

Note: if someon is more than 30% total body fat,I would not recommend getting lipo laser or LED treatment even if the person is doing an hour of lymphatic exercise afterwards. This treatment is mainly for those looking for spot treatments.

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