Review of the Photo Biotech series:

The 60,000 one is probably the best lipo laser on the market that you don't have to use paddles at all but it for most clinics unless its a high traffic clinic, it just has too many diodes. Just overkill. I can see using this laser unless you don't have patients back to back all day. Or unless you have to get through patients in 10 minutes. They rate this laser for 6 minute sessions. Its made for doctors and not so much the less volume medi-spa type businesses. I usually see these in facilities where 5 or more doctors sharing a facility share the laser. 

It is not really quired to have that capacity as I believe its just plain overkill. Many people pay 150 to 300 dollars per session. Customers usually feel they get beter "value" with a 30 minute session from the cheaper laser.
​Although the 10 minute sessions are claimed to work more effectively than a laser doing the same job in 30 minutes, customers seem to complain less when they perceieve better value regardless of effectiveness.

Another reason why many clinics have the cheaper ones.

The 40,000 one they make has a session time of 15 to 18 minutes. Their one for 19,800 has a 20 to 25 minute session time.

Ican understand this because when I go to a chiropractor and they spend 2 minutes adjusting me while another spends 10 to 15 minutes doing massage and trigger point, I feel like I am getting more out of the adjustment.

Nothing is wrong with their models that all give sessions less than 30 minutes. It is jus the way they market their lasers. Just like a class 4 laser can do the job in a few minutes while a class 3 laser can take up to 30 minutes as the joules of energy output is much less.

​The 19,800 model, which is the one that sells the best, has the tiny diodes (German) so it can fit 62 diodes per paddle. Most companies have about half to 2/3s of this amount. They do not use any 660 nm diodes which were the first generation back in the days.

Note: all of the Photo Biotech lipo lasers have 5 mw of power per diode and are set at 635 nanometers.

Ido believe the 19,800 model is fairly priced and not inflated but they don't really have brand awareness. When peole come to my site its as if people have never heard of them. I personally haven't seen them at any trade shows or those big asthetic expos I go to. 

I personally think that they will have a hard time convincing doctors to buy a lipo laser for 6 minute session times. The only word that keeps coming to my mind is overkill because someon is gonna pay 60 thousand when they could pay a third of that just for 20 extra minutes session time which I think is good because the patient perceives the session as better and the person doing the treatments can utilize that time to advise them on diet and nutritiion or whatever they want to chit chat about.

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They make 3 different lasers. The one with 192 diodes and around 60,000 dollars, which is the highest one the market and their other two that go for 20,000 and 40,000 are their other two.

All three of their lasers have the same German diodes but are not necessarily better than each other but just take less time per treatment as they have more paddles and diodes.

The $60,000 dollar lipo laser (600LC model)

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