Lipo Light Review

This review is actually going to be pretty short because this brand falls into the “exceptional equipment” category that I talk about in my 2015 Consumer Guide review and also Founder Story section of the website. Exceptional companies stand out so clearly that one only needs to take a look at just a little bit of their information and its clear to anyone that they actually care about producing a good quality product that is way ahead of the competition and also can always provide proof to substantiate their claims about the service they provide and the performance of their device.

In fact I have a few types of information I request whenever evaluating a new Laser company I come across and if the company cannot provide any one of the three crucial pieces it gets a red flag from me and I don’t bother putting any more time into evaluating them. The criteria I talk about below all got the highest rating from me for the brand Lipo Light.

One of my favorite analysis criteria I look at when comparing is how many units are being actively used in the country. Not how many units have they sold…how many practices and centers are currently offering lipo laser sessions to customers. I found the Lipo Light company to have by far the largest number of active practices. This one piece of information is actually very telling and by the way I don’t just believe their claims I ask them to provide the list of active accounts and I literally call up at least 20 of their customers asking further questions, for example:

· What kind of successes have you seen using this equipment?
· What has been your greatest challenge in this business?
· How as their customer service and marketing support been?
· How quickly were you able to achieve ROI on your total purchase price?
· How profitable are you on average each month and is and does this increase with each successive month?

After all no company out there can prime or prep 20 of their customer accounts to drink the Koolaid and say what the company wants them to say just to impress me so I buy. By the way when I request this information I am pretending to be an interested buyer/practitioner.
If you have a such a great product then what is there to hide!!?

Next Comparison Criteria:

You always Pay for your Power

This is about doing an objective analysis or apples to apples comparison on the equipment’s specifications. This is vital homework to do that hardly anyone ever does! It’s like buying a new car and not bothering to see that the “great deal” you just got has a speedometer that shows a top speed of 45 MPH and gets 10 MPG. By the time you notice this you are out of your return trial period and stuck with the car. And that is just the beginning of your problems…

If you talk to the many sales people out there they have absolutely no interest in teaching you about what Dosage Time means or how the treatment outcome or efficacy of your device is based around how many joules per second of Red Wavelength energy will be focused into the fatty treatment area measured as centimeters squared. 

Yes this sounds technical and boring, but if you have brand A car that has as top speed of 180mph and brand B at 45, and the 45mph brand is twice as expensive, which brand is the better deal? See when you frame it that way it seems kind of simple to understand for anyone and this is exactly the reason most companies would never want you to understand these principles of analysis. If you are educated then this reduces their chances of selling you an inferior product.

Looking at the Spec for a sec…

The other most popular four brands of Lipo Lasers (legally can’t say this on the site please call) all have almost identical Power Density ratings at around 1.2 to 1.4 joules/second. I know the other brands look so different and are priced all over the place but when it comes right down to the energy output they are almost the same. It’s no wonder because their grade of components is nearly identical and come out of the same two manufacturers in China.

Don’t get me wrong low power levels do get results…but they require a huge amount of treatment sessions to see those results. Think about this from the customer’s perspective they are not seeing anything significant after 4 or 5 sessions and starting to feel like it’s getting to expensive for something that doesn’t appear to be working. It’s cheaper just to walk 45 minutes a day! And from the business owner’s perspective it sure is far more challenging to try to up sell a larger package of sessions to your new customers who didn’t see anything happen after those initial few sessions. 

Most of the successful practices I talked to that had been working with Lipo Light shared that at least 70% of their new business was repeat customers and referrals! This actually seemed to be the norm! It really makes sense when you consider that if someone walks through your doors and gets some sessions and they see results fairly quickly they are very likely to refer a friend or family member. Weight loss is a BIG (pun intended) industry…multibillion dollars, so if you have a way to create fat loss conveniently and with minimal effort for the customer, then you are poised well for major success and a lot of referral business.

What I love about looking at power density and joules per second is that those numbers cannot lie. Actually, the companies can be dishonest about these specs. Only a few companies are less than honest about this if you really press them to obtain this power density information. Mostly they don’t lie about it because they know that 95% of the time their potential customers will NEVER ask for this specification. 

The other specification we look at that is power related is the number of diodes per paddle and also what is the total milliwats of power per diode and per paddle. This is important stuff as these figures are directly related to how effectively and efficiently you can induce lipolysis.  

Lipo Light puts out 5.7 joules per second. Has 16 pads and 30 diodes (the highest I have seen in all categories). Each pad has an optical power output of 450mW. The average laser by the way has 8 diodes and around 300-360mW per pad like the brands below. You also want to look at total energy output for the greater amount of diodes and pads offered with the Lipo Light and then with your calculator you will see that total power output is about 4 times higher.

i-Lipo - Photo Biotech - YOLO - Zerona - LIPO-LIGHT- SMART LIPO CYNOSURE - VEVAZZ - Palamar - Strawberry

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I wish it were just that simple but the other criteria spec is the depth of penetration. According to the studies done with Red Wavelength inducing lipolysis the ideal wavelength was around 635nm. So why do some devices not offer this!! It is likely they are blindly ignoring the clinical research studies. Some companies use cheaper components and cheaper diodes and this also effects depth of penetration. In fact amongst the above brands the depth of penetration can range between 2mm-11mm! That’s a pretty big range and with a pretty big range of retail prices I might add…

So Lipo Light uses a far higher grade of internal components in the module and paddles and is manufactured in the UK where there are much higher quality control standards for their device. In China the three big manufacturers who produce 90% of the brands all compete with one another aggressively and they way they compete is by trying to copy the other facilities lipo products but increase profit margins by building them cheaper so that they can entice the companies in America to import their inventory vs their competition’s.

I have to comment on one final thing about this device. A lot of people don’t know but I am also an adviser in the therapeutic cold laser industry. If you look over the course of 25 years of clinical research studies on cold laser you will see that the vast majority of those studies were done with devices that put out Infrared Wavelength. It is one of the most therapeutic wavelengths that has efficacy for the widest amount of physiological conditions. 

What impressed me was that the Lipo Light is the only brand on the market to also incorporate Infrared wavelength with the Red wavelength. As you induce fat cells to open the next challenge is the body has to break down the fat with enzymes and move it through the circulatory system and into the lymphatic system to be eliminated. Infrared according to the thousands of studies is very well understood to majorly increase circulation, reduce inflammation (usually common in fatty tissues), enhance detoxification through lymph, and increase the energy potential on a mitochondrial level for the cells to have more energy to release and remove the fat from the person’s system.  

I really am left scratching my head why no other brands of Lipo Lasers have not included Infrared Wavelength. If I was a competitor I would introduce a new model in a heartbeat and include this wavelength. Citing all the research studies it would be fair to say that the Lipo Light with the additional Infrared treatment is the most therapeutic lipo laser device on the market. The two wavelengths have a synergistic effect and this is better than just offering Red Wavelength alone.

If you have any more questions and need to be advised please take my questionnaire and reach out to me.

Thanks for reading.
...because every company claims they have the best Lipo Laser