With the new third generation types now with less wattage, they don't fad in and out like they used to. The power supply is more consistent. The problems started fading out with the 2nd generation and nearly non existent now./ the deeper into the skin. Past 660 then it goes beyond the fat layer. I cannot stress enough how much more important getting the right wavelength and matching it up with the amount of fat on the person is.

The 10 and 20 mw models are good but their is a law of diminishing return and as opposite as it seemed to me at first, I thought the higher the wattage the better. This is true typically on cold laser to raise the voltage of the body such as the lasers on my other sit but the opposite is true with lipo lasers.

Note: many people associate stregth with the brightness of the laser. The more diodes it has the more fluence. Once the laser has the right parameters for the right penetration, (wavelenght and wattage), then fluence matters. If the laser has hundreds of diodes but the wrong wavelength, having more fluence is not going to make the laser any more effective.

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How to choose between LED Lipos and LASER Lipos
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