So I saw this on the Dr Oz show and heard this was a 9 thousand dollar laser. And this is a laser, not an LED type. I went on their site and looked up my area code in New York on their site.

I find about 40 different clinics near me with their laser. Then I looked up Georgia to see who in my home town has these. Another 30 clinics. 

After seeing this laser I was like this is crazy as I know the Zerona laser was about 130 grand at the time. So I call the company and what do I know, the laser is 90 grand. I freakin misheard the show.

After researching this laser (its FDA cleared so that jacks the price up). No wonder they need to get 300 bucks a session. I've intereviewed a lot of people who have used this laser who I have sent to clinics. This and the Zerona laser (as far as lasers, if you want to compare LEDS see my LED review). The only people that get results that you hear these crazy testimonals are the people who use the vibration machine for like 20 minutes (not just a 10 minute flush).

The people who got the most results used an infrared sauna afterwards so some of these claims can be inflated as its not just the laser that is doing the whole job.

The Lila Body laser I feel is very expensive but it is one of the most powerful lasers on the market right now. This Lila Body goes much deeper than the first generation lipo lasers.

When people are saying they are losing 2 inches of fat with the Lila laser, the fluence of this laser only empties out more fat cells per session but if the liver of a person can't handle this much drainage, then the toxins coming out of the fat can go back into the body to other fat places. 

Note: I strongly recommend eating a high fat diet while doing the 8 to 10 sessions with this Lila laser. Yes, when eating tons of fatty steak, egg yolks, and yes non fat free icecream. I'm talking the most high fat ice cream you can get. The fat stimulates the bile release and the fat enzymes that can help digest all the fat you are releasing from a really strong lipo laser. If the enzyme in the bile is not released because some stupid people are trying to eat a low fat diet just in the first few weeks, this is really stupid.
Also, high fiber must be taken if eating this much fat.

With the Lila laser, this is the laser that requires a cardio session or a sauna session afterwards to burn at least 300 calories. (burning about 700 calories is better. doing a Biomat session over night follwed by the sauna where you keep your core body temperature up 3 degrees). These passive ways are not fun but if someone is going to spend nearly 2 grand for these 8 sessions, you might as well make it workth your while. These infrared mats and saunas can also be rented too. Ask me about this. I have dealer cost connections for Biomats and infrared saunas as well as whole body vibration machines.

Doing all these protocols and taking an aggressive probiotic assures that most of the toxins released from the laser get eliminated. Many people do not do vibration or any exercise after the ession and just drive their lazy ass home after the session and just reabsorb the same toxins.

The 10 paddle Lila Lipo has a total of 60 laser diodes. The fluence of the diodes on the Lila laser is as high as I've found as of today. The first gen lipo laser drained about 30 to 40 grams of fat per session. They say this laser can drain 40 to 60 grams. I know this depends on the metabolism and protocols taken after the session but just having the ability to shrink the fat cell that is impressive. Note: the stronger the fluence and joules per minute the more "pores" the laser can put into the fat cells.

The strength of the Lila laser is better for those people who have that hard fat, like men with hard belly fat that has been there for years. An LED won't penetrate this but the Lila should be able to penetrate this fat.

​When I would not recommend this laser:
Since this laser is capble of very high drainage, if not doing the protocols before and afterwards, this laser can release too many toxins into the body an if they body is not working at the same pace as the laser, it can cause a detox crisis. This laser since its a medical device can't be sold just anyone who wants to buy one. Nearly every clinic that has the Lila laser has the finishing protocols.

Note: The Lila Lipo Laser company will upgrade the laser free of charge. With the 2010 Lila that came out, there have been several upgrades and I'm sure many people who paid 90 grand would be pissed if 2 months later a better one came out.

With the Lila laser, I strongly recommend a 40 minute sauna session as the final step. Since most people who want to use a lipo laser in the first place have a compromised immune system, one of the reasons they are storing toxins in the fat, I only recommend doing one zone per session. Many people that are spending 300 bucks a session feel they want to do multiple body parts to get their moneys worth. So their lymph system is going to be full of cloudy milky lymph from detoxing too much waste at once, there is no chance they will get the benefit they are looking for even with a Lila laser. The Lila laser is not like the other lipo lasers. I'd rather see someone get a colonic after their lipo session with this laser than overdoing the session. There is a reason this laser is sold to doctors and sold as a medical device.

There are many clinics that have this laser but if they are not authorized to use it and not on the list on the manufacture's site, this is illegal. Just like buying without a prescription, this can mean legal trouble. If you are a patient please go to to find someone in your area. If you are a doctor wanting to buy this laser, and this laser is not in your area, as long as you are on their list, I will refer patients to your clinic if they are in your area. 90% of the people coming to my site are people wanting to find a laser clinic to go to.
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Beware of knock offs of the Lila lipo laser.
If it is not shipped from the real manufacture there should be a concern.
There is a reward for any patient going to a clinic and finding a cloned Lila laser that is a knock off using the original manufacturer's label. There are now versions that look identical and do not have the parameters of the authentic Lila laser. Clinics that have several of these lasers in their clinic most likely did not spend 90 grand for each one. If you are a patient and want to help me bust people, make contact. Out of every 10 clinics that have the original laser, about 2 to 3 have bought this on Alibaba or on Ebay. I am personally offering this reward and not offering this with any affiliation with the company.
Beware Scam Watch
The Strawberry laser ( laser consumer notice. There are about 7 different knock offs of this laser that are selling for very cheap on Ebay. People are going into clinics and stealing these lasers and switching them with knock offs and doctors don't know until it needs to be serviced. They look identical to the real lasers. A quick way for a thief to make 50 grand really quick.

...because every company claims they have the best Lipo Laser