LEDs get the worst rap and seem to be easy for a laser lipo company to bash. The buzz word "laser" almost always seem more effective than LEDs. I went to the park and asked over 100 people, which is more effective, laser or LED and others LED or laser. Exactly 100 people out of 100 on my list said laser. Just the name gives the LED companies a bad rap.

Laser light is coherent and penetrated deeper into the body, however this is not needed for Body Contouring because fat deposits are subcutaneous. LED light ins non coherent and has the right amount of strength the reach the fat cells and open them naturally.

LED Technology has changed and is much more powerful now. Too little energy the system does not work and too much energy the stimulatory benefits begin to reverse.  Energy over time calculates out in the the Joules or Dose you will receive.  The new LED Full Body Pad Systems like Slim Sculpt, Lipo Melt or the new high output power Red Light Beds are 100 m cm2 to 190 mw/cm2 and produce results in just 15 to 20 minutes now.

Japanese LEDS:
There is no faking it. Japanese has its own signature. The German LEDS are the closest to the original Japanese technology you can get. Know that LEDS are not colimated (coherent or light in a straight line), but cover the most surface area. The super luminous types are the only types I would consider if choosing LED over laser. If you come across a LED based lipo machine, the first thing I look at is if it is has the Japanese LEDS. Japanese LEDs are much brighter and stand out from the standard LEDS as used in the first and 2nd generation LED lipos.

The main players in the LED market are the Vevazz, Slim Sculpt 190 mw and Lipo Melt 100 mw
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To the left is the Lipo Light and the one on the right is the Vevazz.

i-Lipo - Photo Biotech - YOLO - Zerona - LIPO-LIGHT- SMART LIPO CYNOSURE - VEVAZZ - Palamar - Strawberry

How to choose between LED Lipos and LASER Lipos
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