​The choice is usually going to a med spa or going to an actual clinic where the lipo laser treatment is being done by a doctor.

Many people want a doctor to do it and others don't care and are fine with a technician. Most of the coupons that offer cheap prices are not done by doctors. Some people want 20 minutes of advice from a doctor based on their body type and personal diet and exercise habbits. Others are fine with a generic sheet of advice to them or generic advice they give to everyone... like drink lots of water and do some exercise in the next half hour.

Remember, some people can only process 1 teaspoon of lymph movement per minute and others 4 teaspoons or more. This depends on if the lymphatic system is sluggish and the person can actually do enough exercise without getting tired after the treatment. Some people do more body parts in a session and others only one part. With good advice, I believe its best for the person to get less generic advice and more based on their body ecology.

I always call and ask if the person is doing the treatment is a licensed professional even if it is done in a medical facility. Just because it is a doctors office, the doctor might have one of his technicians do the treatment and the doctor may not be around to answer questions that the technican might not be able to answer. Many people get pissed offwhen they think they are going to see a doctor just because they are going to a doctors office and find out when they get in that the doctor is not around to help them.

​Prices: the biggest reason the treatments are so expensive is that the clinics that bought the laser have to get back their investment back, usually 40 to 60 thousand dollars. It is not that they are taking advantage, its just they need to get their money back. I get very deep discounts on the lipo lasers through the manufactures but that doesn't mean I am going to overcharge because I don't have any investment. I am just selling air. I don't have to get my investment back. It is different for clinics. These are very popular right now and the price is on the high. I will discount if someone is doing me a favor and I can ask one of the clinics to give someone a discount if they bought the laser from me. If I am discount a laser to a clinic, I expect them to give breaks to those that I refer to them.

It seems the more clinics charge, the more it scares people away. 300 a session times 8 session... thats 2400 bucks in a month. Hopefullythe sessions will cost 50 dollars or close to what a 30 minute massage sells for in the future but due to the high prices of these machines, its almost impossible now unless someone is just tryingto get someone in the door for their first few sessions in order to sell them a series of sessions after that.

If the sessions are being done by the doctor, I can see how it would be over 200 per session if he is in their the whole time. But if it is a spa doing it where you don't get medical advice, I cannot see paying this much. I would at least like to speak to the doctor at least 5 minutes. If they are too busy they can't give me 5 minutes when I am paying 200 or more dollars just for a short session, then I'm out.

​Note: there is nothing wrong with places offering 2 sessions for 149 but just look into what type of place it is. These are usually the ones I get emailed with all the time from Groupon. I just hear from people that they are sat down in an office and the staff bring out forms expecting the person to sign up for 6 more sessions saying that eight sessions are needed and since you already started the first two they won't get results if they don't purchase the other six session. Also they can try to sell you supplements which I've found much more expensive than I can get the same brand they are selling on Ebay for cheaper. I am not going to pay full prices for supplements. Never did. Never will. I do not want to purchase their detox packages either unless my doctor or a health professional I am going to recommends it.

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