There are several types of diodes being put into lipo lasers and LED is going from standard to the new Super luminous LEDS which are now competing with the lasers unlikethe first generation of LEds back in the day.

German diodes: best you can get (no burnouts I have heard about)

Japanese Diodes: almost as good as the German ones, about 99%.(very rare to hear a burnout issue)

Taiwonese, Cambodian, Vietnamese, Chinese diodes (I put these all in the same category)

Note: make sure if the diode claims that it is a Japanese or German diode, it is the original technolgoy and not just a Chinese built diodes "using" German technology.

A true Japanese or German diodes should be rated at a 10,000 hour guarantee minimum.
​With 10k hours, thats approximately 3 million dollars in revenue with that many hour, at the current rates spas and clinics charge for lipo laser treatments.

Diode burnout rate:
(information super hard to get)
The average is about 2000 to 3000 hours
top end 4,000 to 5,000 hours
Japanese/German Diodes 10,000 hours.. super expensive though

Leds do still get a bad press since its first generation release. Now that the super luminous LEDS are now available, the LEDs have more surface coverage area. Note: But this does go less deep into the body. This new hybrid has a similar effect as the laser and is Japanese built.

Leds are not coherent and many people want more of a surface penetration. Led is can be right for some people but others seem to get no results. If someone is coming in that is 80 lbs overweight and shines even a super luminous Led on their body. 

I strongly recommend that anyone about to get laser lipo treatment understand the differences and when to use laser versus LED and why they should use one or the other. If a clinic is interested in buying one or the other, I can go over into detail and usually the doctor can make the decision on which is best for their clinic. I am not here to tell someone which to use. I just go over what to expect based on the doctors I have sold to and feedback I get from people that contact me.

Read how to choose between LED and Laser. Read this page here.

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How to choose between LED Lipos and LASER Lipos
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