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How to choose between LED Lipos and LASER Lipos
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This is the most comfortable lipo machine. The Contour Light uses straps instead of pads so you don't have velcro.

The fluence of using straps is much higher and I expect many companies to start doing this. Contour Light is the first to do this.

They also make a lipo face mask. It has 284 diodes.
The Contour Light
The Contour Light LED lips laser has 4 pads that are 28 by 12 inches with the highest candela rated diodes on the market that run at peak capacity the entire time. People lay on the pad which is nice so you don't have to have Velcro to get in the way. The 4 pads have 816 German diodes in each pad. (I have reviewed this diode type on LEDReviewed.com. These are the most powerful diodes in the world.

The Contour Light also has 2 arm straps with 416 diodes in each one. Their entire machine with all their pads has 1900 diodes. And that is at 40mw per diode (most have only 5 mw per diode) The fluence is super high and I strongly recommend doing some lymphatic exercise after a session with the Contour Light. Since this lipo is so strong you don't necessarily have to go in a sauna or raise the core temperature 3 degrees as the fluence makes up for that.

Note: The latest contour light has a face mask that has 826 German diodes. When doing a session with the Contour Light, the person lays on top of 2 of the body pads and also 2 pads on top of them. The arm pads go on the upper arms and the person has the mask on the entire time. When the person is done they just get up and don't have to have a technician come in and unstrap them like the paddle types.

Note: in most lipo sessions I strongly recommend using a heating pad or sauna to raise the core temperature 3 degrees. Fat liquifies much faster when warm. The body core is 3 degrees higher but the temperature on the legs near the surface is much higher. The best success is when you lay on the heating pad while using the lipo machine. A far infrared mat where the heat penetrates deeper into the tissue rather than just heat the skin is what I am referring to.

The Contour Light is also built in the USA. If something goes wrong or a diode needs to be fixed you don't have to ship it over seas to fix it.

The Contour light when used in a clinic has the shortest treatment time of any lipo machine. You don't need this unless its a high traffic clinic. Other LED lipos work and do the same job but just take longer. This is an expensive machine compared to other lipo machine but it can be over kill if you don't need that much power.

Note: talking about fluence, this has a reflective coating backing that reflects the light back into the body.

I have compared the Contour Light to other the Vevazz and Lipo Light and depending on your usage, this or the others might be better for different types of clinics. Take my Lipo Laser quiz and I will pick out the model based on your answers.
...because every company claims they have the best Lipo Laser

Contour Light has 80mw and 100mw LEDS. Competitors have 100mw diodes but can be set to deliver only 20mw. This is to prevent it from burning out. The Contour Light really does put out 100mw of power the entire session. The most expensive LED companies (Omnilux and Lightwave on my LEDReviewed.com) have this high of output. This is one reason why this costs so much while others with the same specs that don't really put out 100mw cost a fraction of the price of the Contour Light.
Update: The New Contour Light
The newest Contour light now has 80mw 635nm Red diodes and and 100mw 880nm diodes. Most LEDs this powerful such as the 80mw diodes on other brands require a built in fan. These are German diodes that can run at full 80mw and 100mw capacity. Many people are getting deceived into "other brands" that have 80 and 100mw diodes but are not set to the same candela rating. I do not sell the Lipomelt. It is very similar but the patented reflective pad on the Contour light reflects nearly all the 80 and 100mw light back to the fat. I have tried both types and not having the reflective pad is a big mistake in my opinion. For anyone that doesn't believe me they let me offer 30 day trials. (ask me about the 30 day trial if you want to try the Contour light on any of your patients.

The Contour Light has about the same effectiveness with the newest model that works at 80mw and 100mw as the Strawberry Laser.  For those that want a laser the Strawberry is hands down the best. The Strawberry works quicker. The Contour takes about 30 minutes.

Update: For those that want the Lipomelt which doesn't have the reflective pad but is very similar, I do have access to new and used Lipomelts.

Note: some people don't want a LED pad like the Contour Light that does very heavy lipolysis. Those using the Contour Light or Strawberry I believe it is mandatory to use a vibration machine on 5 to 6 hertz or do structured lymphatic exercise immediately following the session. Otherwise, the fatty waste and toxins get redeposited back into the fat and don't get pumped out and it can be a waste of a session. It is very important for clinics to know this when getting a heavy lipolysis LED or Lipo laser. 
...because every company claims they have the best Lipo Laser