I get, I don't look any different after my session. My pants still fit the same. Once I get this complaint, I know what comes next. I always want to know the laser they used and the condition of it.

It is not the patient job to dissect the lipo laser market to find the best one for them. What is funny is that I never hard of any place turning someone down. The LED places want your business. The laser ones want the business. All say they have the best one.

A laser can have the best wavelength, wattage but if it doesn't ahve the right fluence, even if just some of the diodes are not enough. Their has to be enough surface concentration (fluence) to cover a target area. Many just cover a portion of a target area doing just an ok job. This can be confusing because some lasers have many diodes spread out to cover a large area but don't have a lot of diodes. For example, someone covering the same surface area which covers the entire area can have 40 diodes and another one have 60 diodes. Even though both cover the same surface area, the 60 diode one that is in the same size paddle will be the one with higher fluence.

Note: make sure the lens stays clean. Most of the 1st gen lasers were more exposed and dust and film got on the laser. As thee film gets caked on, it can absorb the laser energy and heat up which eventually will screw up the diode. This is one of the reasons of burn out. It is not always a manufactures flaw, its usually more of the person not cleaning their diodes regularly.

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How to choose between LED Lipos and LASER Lipos
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