The majority of the treatments on the market lasts 4 weeks. People get 8 sessions, twice a week. The majority of the sessions per area is about 20 to 25 minutes per area.

For clinics giving the treatment, some have to space them out as the last thing that anyone wants to happen is the lipo laser shutting off to cool down during a session. The amount of sessions given per diode have the most do do with the lasers life expectancy. Some lipo lasers have cooling systems even in their paddles and can be run all day long. Others just have cooling systems in the laser motherboard. The timing of lasers can also change.

Some have to shut the laser down quicker and see less patients per day.

Also, the session times for the lipo laser session per patients has a lot to do with the fluence (I remember this word from college and can now finally use it yayy!!. (The concentrated radiation to target zones) more diodes = more fluence.

Another question to ask when selling a lipo laser is if a clinic wants to get a good 5,000 hours out of the laser with more continuous usage or 5,000 hours of the same everything else but with more down time between patient due to over heating and having to cool it down between uses.

​Of course the best laser has the least down time and the quickest session for people doing the protocols appropriate for them. This would have the most diodes with with the lowest wattage and as close to 635 nanometers as possible.

Note: session times can differ depending on if doing a large area like the thighs or the chin. If the fat is the packed on fat on top of fat or if its just cellulite, that can make a difference.
If the person is not doing any lymphatic exercise at all, this is when people give the lipo lasers a bad rap. Many people don't listen and just go about their day after treatment.

The fat removed is not permanant. It is just temporarily gone, or temporarily permament unless the body gets a signal to store it back again. If the person starts eating like they did before and doesn't do the lymphatic exercise, it will probably all come back.

Also, more session time is not any better. The body can only release so much and you can't force it. It's a gradual 6 week to 2 month process. The fat has to be released no quicker than the body can release it.

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