...because every company claims they have the best Lipo Laser
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i-lipo Laser

Smartlipo Laser

YOLO Laser
40mW diodes
SlimLipo Laser

The Yolo Laser, based out of CAnada, is one of the most popular direct skin contact Laser without LEDs. It has 4 super powerful paddles. This is one of the few lasers that has its own patent. This laser is also FDA CLEARED. This is the best selling lipo laser on the market.
The i-lipo Laser, by Chromogenex, is the most compared laser on my site. This is the one that people usually ask me about after seeing it at a trade show. This was one of the original first generation lipo laser companies. The latest lipo laser of theirs is very impressive. 
The Vevazz Laser is actually not a laser but 100% LEDS. This is one of the latest lipo lasers. I consider this the third generation of lipo LEDS without the use of lasers. This technology is making lipo treatment more affordable, only 22,000 dollars. This laser is the best out of the 4 LED brands that I have tested although it is the most expensive out of the LEDs.
This is the original laser that started it all and the first to get FDA CLEARED. This still competes in quality with the 2nd and 3rd generation lasers. This is the one that is in most clinics around the country. This is the rand that almost always is brought up in every conversation about lipo lasers.
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The SlimLipo (LifeSculpt) (Palamar) laser sets the bar for the 2nd generation lipo lasers. It is actually the most powerful one I have found but is also the most expensive. This is the first one I saw in NYC and the one that got me curious. This is probably the 2nd most compared laser I get to the original model. Both are good but just different is the best way to compare them.

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This is a newly added lipo laser to our site. I have not reviewed this laser yet. I am in the process of calling them to come see it.

If anyone has any feedback on this laser, make contact.
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Photo Biotech 600LC Laser
192 diodes
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The Photo Biotech Laser, is the laser that has the most of everything in their lasers and seems to only be marketed to the high traffic clinics. I have not seen any in small spas. This has the most diodes per paddle and really is just overkill for the average person. Their focus is on quick session times.
Everyone is asking the differences between lipo lasers.
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Strawberry Laser

The strawberry laser is one of the most powerful lasers and it is priced at $90,000. This is one of the more popular high end lasers in its price range and due to that there are many knock offs of this laser. I warn people that this must be shipped from the manufacture so you don't get a knock off.
LaserLipo Elite  8 probe

The LaserLipo Elite has 6 paddles plus 2 uni-probes to cover more body parts. Each paddle has 62 diodes at 635nm. This is the first laser in this price range to hav this many paddles and 67 diodes. Although the laser is new the company has been around 40 years making high end facial dermatalogical lasers. Not as pretty as others but offers a lot of value. No brand awareness.
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Lipo-Light Pro 16 probe.

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The Body Lite 10 probe

The SlimCo, the latest and the most asked about lipo light, is the strongest LED based laser. This is becoming more powerful than all the lipo lasers on my site. I have finally reviewed this laser and talked to people who have used it and this is the brand that I got the most successful stories with. See my Slimco page on the link.

MyLipo 4 paddles
The MyLipo is the only entry level, residential LED Lipo that I promote for home use. It is the easiest to use of all the one that I have reviewed. It automatically cuts off after 20 minutes. Its about the same strength as many of the commercial models but it only has 4 paddles that have up to 16 paddles. The LEDs are very powerful in this model. 
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The Lipo-Light is is one of the pioneer LED lipo machines. Their new super led probes are the strongest non laser lipo machines I have reviewed. With this machine, practitioners will get fewer sessions from each client but can see more people. This works quicker which depending on how many clients you have can be a good thing or bad. The fluence of this machine is off the charts. I wish there were more probes.
Update - Our newest lipo lasers and LED Systems
We now offer the most powerful Full Body LED Systems "Slim Sculpt Body Pads" are nearly double the power of the Lipo Melt Pads and at a fraction of the price.  The Slim Sculpt Full Body Red Light Bed is the safe, painless non invasive treatment for fat loss, spot reductions and aesthetic body contouring in just 15 minutes.  Laser light is coherent and penetrated deeper into the body, however this is not needed for Body Contouring because fat deposits are subcutaneous.  LED light ins non coherent and has the right amount of strength the reach the fat cells and open them naturally. 

Practioners Guide to Reviewing Lipo Lasers
1: lipolysis -
2: Joules of Energy - When you want lower or higher energy.
3. LED vs Low Level Laser - how to choose.
4. LEDS with over 500mw of total energy or below 500mw
​5. Surface area coverage
6: LED vs Super Luminous LED
7: What a lipo laser should really cost.
​8: Wattage per diode 
9: Low vs High Capacity circuit boards
10: Pulsing VS NON-Pulsing diodes
11: Burnout of Diodes
12: Faster VS Shorter Session times
13: Which Lipo lasers give the fastest and fewest sessions
14: Lasers that liquify surface fat vs deeper fat per session
​15: 635 vs 630 Lipo Lasers
16: Total milliwats vs milliwatt per diode video
​17: Penetration levels - What makes one laser go deeper than another
18: LED vs Super Luminous LED
19: Fewer diodes and stronger vs more and weaker but 
​20: 10 mv VS v40 mw VS 80mw lipo laser diodes
21: Fewer diodes but very powerful
22: mid quality and capacity components - how to know you are getting a really good laser
23: Typical Groupon or Living Social advertised lasers - MY WARNING TO PATIENTS LOOKING TO GET TREATMENT
24: How to tell if a lipo laser over 20 thousand dollars has high capacity components or its BS.
​25: Which lasers have high powered pulsing diodes
​26: overheating issues
27: diode warranty
28: session times
29: deep lipolysis - liquifies more fat with less sessions - when this is good and for who not good
30: 8 sessions per client vs lasers that lipolize less but with more sessions - our study on lymphatic drainage
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...because every company claims they have the best Lipo Laser

How to choose between LED Lipos and LASER Lipos
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